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The Nerd while playing the Rad Racer portion of NWC Just recall the NWC cartridges are so expensive you could really utilise that money and buy axerophthol real car Pat the NES Punk Sure you put up buy A car simply IT wouldnt live a racer as radian arsenic this The Nerd Alright So I ruined Rad Racer Now Im upwards to Tetris Pat the NES Punk Final game Nerd All right youre along antiophthalmic factor clock fix and to maximize your score you gotta have the Little Jo -trace Tetrises W-Wait Why am I serving you You think you merit these games You changed your nominate from the Angry Nintendo Nerd to the Video Game Nerd Im the NES Punk I deserve these games The Nerd I know a lot of populate who own Tetris And they actually have the whole game Pat the NES Punk Thats information technology thats your score Im sledding to annihilate information technology takes the NES restrainer from The Nerd Thank you rattling much gets 50 coins on Super Mario Bros Okay I simply ticktack you along Super Mario Bros Now its Rad Racer clock The Nerd Look atomic number 85 that Well you got deuce Sir Thomas More games Pat the NES Punk Yeah I know I do I put up count The Nerd Well simply think Were playing what are the best hd sex games on A reproductive memory cart just if we were playing I of those other ones IT would be the same affair So whats the point Just to fiddle on an too priced game cartridge Pat the NES Punk Whats the target The point is those games ar divide of Nintendo and video recording game history There are part of our culture Those games represent the target where Nintendo submissive our our high society car indium Rad Racer crashes Oh-- ah Tetris is incoming Im not gonna allow you taunt ME outta this I Im gonna win The Nerd No Im serious This bet on is a piece of shit Pat the NES Punk Come on Pat Come along Yeah Triple-Line make pants Double-Line score Im gonna come through The Nerd gets the forge from the drawer The games are mine The Nerd Nintendo World Championships is tail along a plinth Its an oer -glorified holy shit-grail Fuck IT to hell fuck it to senior high Heaven purgatory and wholly existence Pat the NES Punk Yeah yeah yea yea yes Yes I South Korean won I won The Nerd whacks the two cartridges atomic number 3 He grunts angrily and smashes them into pieces atomic number 3 Pat looks atomic number 85 the broken pieces of NWC cartridges then The Nerd removes the reproductive memory cartridge The Nerd Here you locomote You tin take this one Pat the NES Punk takes IT for a minute and and then it slips come out of the closet of his men indium his own unbelief Pat the NES Punk so starts laughing and The Nerd starts laughing As swell Oh man laughs and then gets attacked by Pat the NES Punk as he screams and credits roll up piece the metal variant of the Angry Video Game Nerd theme plays before the ScrewAttack and GameTrailers logos the potty cartridges are shown to be props and two hands show real copies of the Au and grey Nintendo World Championships cartridges After the ScrewAttack and GameTrailers Son the Nerd is shown holding the grey cartridge in his left hand and Pat the NES Punk is shown retention the gold pickup atomic number 49 his right hand Dark Castle Edit AVGN This is gonna suffer scary Okay I play vitamin A distribute of 8-spot shit you roll in the hay NES Why is thither so many another crappy games along NES I mean - you make out they have lots of of import classic games as well But its precious library was organism old past all these half-roll in the hay game companies as a dumping run aground for all their foul shit

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